Safety Guidelines

When undertaking any archery activities it is important to always consider your safety and the safety of everyone else. The following guidelines will cover most situations. However, if you are in doubt of what your actions should be, always choose the most cautious and considerate action. So nobody has the possibility of being injured, or ruining their shoot by ending up in an ambulance. Please be familiar with these guidelines, for every ones safety.

A) General Safety Guidelines

1. Always check your Bow and arrows for signs of damage prior to using them.

2. Never: nock OR draw OR loose an arrow, when anyone is standing in front of you..

3. Only ever nock an arrow immediately before shooting it.

4. Be careful when handling arrows and never run with them in your hand.

5. Never “SKY DRAW” your bow. “Sky Drawing”, is when you point your bow in an upward direction during the draw cycle. Instead, whilst drawing your bow to the anchor position: you must ensure the arrow is roughly parallel to the ground and your arrow’s tip is pointing in the direction of the target.

6. Cubs (archers under 13 years old), should always be accompanied and actively supervised by a parent/guardian.

7. Only shoot at a target that is clearly identifiable. If you’re not sure what target you are supposed to be shooting at, then don’t shoot and seek clarification.

B) Safety Guidelines for the Target Range

1. Do not start shooting until it is safe to shoot, and you have been given the “Clear to shoot” instruction by the person running the shoot line.

2. Do not move forward of the shoot line to collect your arrows until every archer has finished shooting and you are given the “Clear to Collect” instruction. Double check no one is shooting before moving forward.

3. Be considerate and regularly check that you are not the only archer still shooting. Once the “Clear to Collect” command is given, do not nock or shoot anymore arrows.

4. Always leave your bow behind the shoot line.

5. Look for and obey “Range Closed” signage, if it is present.

C) Safety Guidelines for Field Events (3D & Field Archery

1. All field courses are considered to be a “One Way” course. They are only to be Entered from the Start and Exited from the last Target. Never enter from the wrong direction OR deviate from the marked track OR take a ‘short cut’ and try to leave the course early.

2. Always follow the marked course. Pink markers for 3D, or Red Arrows for Field Archery.

3. When in your stance and preparing to shoot at a target, never shoot while anyone is in your field of view or within the vicinity of the target. If in doubt wait.

4. When necessary call out “Clear”, when your group is a safe distance and direction from the target you just removed your arrows from.

5. When searching for arrows that have missed the target, either: leave the bows leaning against the target, OR have a group member stand at the target and communicate with the shoot group approaching the target. Limit your search time to a maximum of 2 minutes.

6. Shoot groups must stay together and not become separated, whilst on the course. Be especially mindful of children or inexperienced/unaware guests.

7. When moving towards a target, after shooting. If there is “dead ground” (ie a creek or gully), between the shoot peg and the target. One shooter must stay at the shoot peg until the remainder of the group has reached the target and are now visible.


Please make yourself familiar with these safety guidelines, if you have any questions or queries please see a club committee member.


All archers will be required to complete and submit this signed test prior to our first shoot next year (2021).

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