Shoot Information

At Coffs Coast Archery Club, most weekends we offer a range of regular shoot events, that utilize our beautiful and extensive, Woolgoolga based outdoor grounds. Most of our events are shot under Traditional Archery Australia, (TAA), and include 3D and field shoots. Though on the second Saturday of each month we alternatively run Archery Australia (AA) shoots of either World Archery Field, or Target in an AA30/720 and AA50/720 Format.

Shoot Fees

Our shoot fees for all our events are:

  • Senior members of CCAC are $10
  • Junior and Cub members are $5
  • Visitors and Non members are $15
  • $5 per individual equipment hire (if needed)


Descriptions of the Archery Activities we Regularly Run

3D Archery

This is shot every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, from 9am to 11am. Check Shoot Calendar for dates.

This is 10 shot course that changes every shoot and is skillfully laid out by our course setters, to take full advantage of the challenges offered by our beautiful and heavily wooded bush land. For those who have not shot 3D before, your targets are full sized rubber animals with 3 scoring zones. This event is suitable for all bow types, and is shot under TAA. Range closes at 11.30am.


World Archery Field

This is shot every second month on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Check shoot Calendar for times and dates.

At our Woolgoolga grounds we have a well established 12 shot World Archery Field course (previously FITA field). This course offers a number of challenging shots over a range of distances, that take full advantage of the topography our heavily forested grounds. For those who have not shot this event, it involves shooting different sized paper target faces, over a variety of distances, ranging from 5m to 60m. This event is suitable for all bow types and is shot under AA.


Social Field Archery

Currently, we are not shooting any specific social shoots. These shoots can be added to the Calendar if we miss a number of regular events due to outside influences, such as ground closures and pandemics.

At our Woolgoolga grounds we utilise our well established FITA course as a basis for our TAA, 10 shot, 3 arrow walk up, field event .This shoot uses a variety of different style paper target faces, at a range of identified and unidentified distances. This shoot differs from the World Archery event by its more flexible format. This event is suitable for all bow types and is shot under TAA.


Target Archery

This is occasionally shot on the 2nd Saturday of the month or for special events, depending on numbers.

We shoot our Outdoor Target Archery on our large archery range at our Woolgoolga based grounds. We shoot AA30/720 and AA50/720 format events, though this is subject to change. For those who have not shot Target Archery before, you are required to shoot a 122cm target face at a specified distance, a specified number of times.This event is suitable for all bow types and is shot under AA.

Practise on the Range

This is available every day for Coffs Coast Archer Club members, who are members of Traditional Archery Australia and have organised a gate key.

For those members wishing to practise their archery the front archery range is available for this purpose. Practise at our grounds is limited to current financial CCAC and TAA members, shooting ONLY on the front range (no practise in the bush land). Additionally, you must sign on in the diary every visit. To access the grounds a gate key needs to be hired through our club’s president Jason Fisher, during 3D shoot days.


Below are our proposed safety guidelines

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